About EL Rowad American College

Advantages of American Diploma

  • Accredited diploma accepted by any university in Egypt and abroad.

  • Curriculum focus on creativity and complex critical thinking rather than memorization.

  • Certified Egyptian teachers and foreigners.

 (International diploma)

  • All classes are taught in English with the exception of Religion and Arabic.

  • Students from American schools have between 4 to 5 trials for SAT, different from the 1 single chance for the National students.

  • 40% of the total grade for the SAT comes from the grades earned in high school.

  • Final grade is not only based on exams but also on effort projects, participation, and inspiration in school activities.

  • Sports day once every week outside school in a sports club.

  • Wonderful activities: computer room, music room, project room, art room, science fair, science club and multimedia room.

  • Small number of students per class provides special and individual attention.

  • Free SAT lectures twice a week.


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