Elementary Principal's Word

Dear parents and students,

At the beginning of the academic year 2016-2017 and on behalf of the school board,

the principal Dr. Rania Sakr, teachers, and administrators of EL Rowad American College, I have the pleasure to welcome all of you; dear parents of our students.

I believe that Education is a great canvas, so this year we would like our students to throw as much paint as they can on the canvas of education, and to activate RAC motto this year:

Education is not received, it is achieved “,

we are also about to implement a developmental plan which involves the students in a variety of activities that enhance their learning skills.

Hence, through dedication and participation, we can meet the required skills to achieve the best for our students. In RAC, we have a close knit educational community that promotes the academic and social development of all students in a safe, and a friendly environment.

El Rowad American College wishes you and our students the best achievements ever.

Mrs. Rania Sakr                                                                   

Principal of Elementary department 

Staff Members

Elementary Director

Dr. Rania Sakr

Administration Staff

Ms. Ebtesam El-Tatatawi

Stage Coordinator

Ms. Shaimaa Lasheen


Mr. Amr Mousa

In charge of Website

& Admin.

Ms. Cathrine 



Ms. Daria Kost.

English Teacher

G2 & G3


Ms. Reham Fatehy

English Teacher

G4 & G5

Ms. Stephanie Moftah

English Teacher


Ms. Noran Talaat

Math Teacher

G2 - G4

Ms. Stephanie Moftah

Math Teacher


Ms. Rana Shawky

Math Teacher


Ms. Nardeen Murkos

Science Teacher

G2 - G5

Ms. Stephanie Moftah

Science Teacher


Ms. Abeer Ghonim

Arabic ( G1 & G2 )

Religion ( G1 - G3 )

Mr. Sherif Nasef

Arabic ( G3 - G5 )

Religion ( G4 & G5 )

Ms. Omneya El-Dah

E.S.S Teacher

G1 - G5

Mr. Adel Waheed

A.S.S Teacher

G4 & G5

Ms. Neveen Mikael

French Teacher

G1 - G5

Ms. Yasmin Yehia

German Teacher

G1 - G5

Ms. Ghada Khairy

IT Teacher

G1 - G5

Mr. Mostafa Goweda

Music Teacher

G1 - G5

Ms. Neveen Raslan

P.E Teacher

G1 - G5

Ms. Hadeel Kandeel

Art Teacher

G1 - G5

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