KG Principal's Word

Dear parents and students,

It's our pleasure to welcome you to El Rowad American College.

It is really a good chance to clarify our strategy towards educating our lovely kids. We do focus mostly on building up a good personality as well as a distinguished mind that knows how to think and create rather than just to recite aiming at reaching a highly competitive edge.

As we greatly believe in the role of activities in realizing our strategy, we focus on various activities especially the music activity. Music Activity is not only a show of talent and creativity; it is a translation of their spiritual and mental energy that refines their imagination and gives them the opportunity to discover themselves and the surrounding world.

We would like to let you know that we are planning to introduce Quran and Islamic studies to enhance the students' spiritual believe, The ballet dancing is also available. 

Mrs. Icel Ibrahim                                                                    

Principal of KG department 

Staff Members

KG Director

Mrs. Icel Ibrahim



Mrs. Icel Ibrahim

English - KG1 - KG2

Mrs. Maysa Mhmoud

Arabic - KG1 - KG2

Ms. Menna Zedan



Mrs. Nesreen

Arabic Teacher

Mr. Omar Moore

English Reading - Phonics

Social Studies & Science


Mrs. Amany El-Sherif

English Writing - Math


Mrs. Rehab El-Shafei

IT Teacher

Ms. Passant Adel

Ballet Trainer

Monthly Calendar

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