Bus Rules And Regulations 

  • RAC values the safety of its students. Therefore, the following rules and regulations must be adhered to in order to avoid deprivation from the bus transportation privilege: 

  • Students must be ready 5 minutes prior to the bus’s scheduled time of arrival/departure. 

  • Students must conduct self-discipline and obey the instructions of the bus matron. 

  • Students are prohibited from exiting the bus, walking or standing in the bus, or opening the bus door while the bus is in motion. 

  • Talking must be in a low voice in order to avoid distracting the bus driver. 

  • All waste materials must be placed in the bus's waste basket only. 

  • Students are not permitted to place their arms or heads outside the bus windows. 

  • Students are not permitted to drive themselves to/from school or drive around the school area with the drivers. 

  • Audio tapes, mp3 or other forms of distraction are not permitted on the school bus. 

  • Students are not permitted to change their designated seats without permission. 

  • Buses will depart 10 minutes after the end of the school day. Once the school bell rings, students must ride their buses so that the bus doesn’t leave without them. 

  • Students are not permitted to change their designated buses without a signed request by the parent and approved by the American College Director. 

  • Please direct any complaints that you may encounter to the school administration. 

  • Bus Service: RAC provides Bus Transportation to: Maadi, Mokatam, Heliopolis, Nasr City, 

  • New Cairo City (El Rehab, El Tagamoa).